This is a general overview of the structure of this website. This is not meant to be a complete guide as it is edited manually by hand and updated infrequently.  
/ frontpage
/LNT/Jollo LNT index page
/LNT/map/This page
/LNT/doc/Documentation of services provided by this site. Includes descriptive licensing information.
/LNT/home/Individual home directories for Jibber Users
/LNT/public/Jollo LNT Public Space
/LNT/bb/Parent directory for blabber indicies
/LNT/donate/Donation page for any contribution you wish to make to help keep the Jollo IRC Network up and running.
/sally/A live view of the IRC channel #sally on Jollo. Includes an infinitely reverse-scrollable backlog of all of the mIRC style colorcodes created in #sally. Individual users registered with plinko have a sally page located in their respective /sally/username directory.. e.g. /sally/ShlucHT.

burrow.jollo.orgInfinite z-depth multi-user room.
news.coffeeReal-time aggregator of potentially newsworthy happenings.